Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Belton and Salado Taxes Compared: The Facts

The following are facts about Belton and Salado Taxes.  According to Bell County Tax Office, here is the comparison between Belton and Salado taxes:

Local Tax Exemptions for Citizens over 65:

Belton gives $10,000 in tax exemptions to citizens over 65

Salado gives $50,000 in tax exemptions to citizens over  65                                                                                         

Disabled Tax Exemptions:

Belton gives $10,000 in tax exemptions to citizens

Salado gives $50,000 in tax exemptions to citizens                        

 Homestead Tax Exemption: 

Belton's Homestead Exemption is 0 (nothing)

Salado's Homestead Exemption is $5000 or 20%

Maintenance and Operation (M&O) Property Tax

Belton's M&O Property tax is 0.53930 cents per $100

Salado's M&O property tax is 0.19990 cents per $100

Debt Obligation Tax Rate or I&S Rate (Interest and Sinking)

Belton: 0.12050 cents  

Salado: 0.34200 cents (Sewer and Waste Water Treatment Debt Obligation Taxes)
Total Rate of Taxes per $100

Belton’s Current Tax is -- 0.65980

Salado’s Current Tax is – 0.54190

Fact:  If Disannexation wins and a part of Salado is Disannexed, the Debt Obligation Tax is the obligation of every citizen whether in Salado city limits or Disannexed until paid in full.

Fact:  The Board of Aldermen/lady, after the first attempt to Disannex, voted:
(1)  Honor the results of the election and Disannex the outlined area, and

(2)   drop the Disannexed area from Salado’s Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) making the area available for annexation by surrounding towns.

The vote remains.

 Fact:  If the second attempt to Disannex passes and Belton annexes the Disannexed area, taxes for the Disannexed citizens:

Belton:  0.65980 (Current Tax) + 0.54190 (Salado Debt Obligation Sewer Debt Tax):
                                     $1.0018 per $100

Salado:  0.54190, which includes that Debt Obligation tax, remains:                                   
                                      0.54 cents per $100

Fact:   Belton’s city limits are currently at the Amity Bridge.  Belton recently annexed approximately 600 acres near or next to Salado’s ETJ.   The potential Maintenance and Operation Property Taxes available from the Disannexed area is a strong reason to annex.

Fact:   As far as Maintenance and Operation Property Tax exemptions:

Belton gives a MAXIMUM of $10,000 in exemptions. A homeowner cannot add the Over 65 and the Disabled exemptions together and claim the total.  IT IS A MAXIMUM $10,000 and no more.

Salado gives a Maximum of 20% PLUS $50,000.

These are facts and if you want more information, please go to the Bell County Tax Office or call Ms. Hubnick, 939-5841. 

For your convenience this Appraisal Roll was acquired from Bell County Tax Office, Tuesday, 7 Mar 17.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Questions and Answers


    Neighborhood Mill Creek was meant to be a "bonding" tool for us to get to know each other.  I will only post that the Saladonewsletter.com and Saladomayornews.blogspot.com are available for reading.  I will answer questions of a political nature on those two methods of communication above and not answer on Neighborhood Mill Creek.  You have more important things to discuss. It is assured that the answers given are correct and accurate.

1.  "The Mayor posted on here before so here's my question to him.  Mayor did you tell and imply to any of the Officers that they were not allowed to write tickets to certain people?  I am not stating this happened, just asking a question."

No, absolutely not.  Who told you that?  I would like to know.

Officers know to stop vehicles that break the law or are suspicious.  It is their decision to give a warning ticket or a ticket to be paid and/or go to court.  They are to be courteous, professional, and state the law that was violated.  

This weekend, I observed our Police Officers at work and they were doing their job in a professional manner.  

If one reads some of the people who write comments, one reads how well they are patrolling the streets.

Everyone that is reading this should be informed that Golf Carts can only driven on the street by people who have a Drivers License or if there the driver has a beginner's Driver License; they must have a person with a Drivers License with them.  Officers will stop a Golf Cart and check Drivers Licenses.

2.  Does anyone know what happened to cause the Salado Police Chief and an officer to suddenly resign.  Something seems amiss.  

There is nothing amiss.

The Chief resigned for personnel reasons.  If you want to know ask him.  I am sure he will tell you.  

Sid Post resigned because he accepted a job in another county.

If you are asking was this coincidence or planned, the answer is  "Who knows?"

Thursday night, Officer Josh Tullock was appointed Interim Chief of Police.  He has 7.5 years of experience as a Police Officer.  Recently, he was offered a job in another town, but turned it down because he likes being a Policeman in Salado.  

Tuesday night, 4 Officers will be interviewed for 3 Police Officer Positions.


There is one Salado Chief of Police.
2 Sheriff Deputies be paid by the Village to work the Village Streets.
Our Constable will assist when needed.
Sheriff Lang has instructed his dispatcher to help Salado all they can.

This week, I have driven and watched carefully.  They are doing their job very well.  You are covered every day.

3.  Why do you not say anything about the Dis-Annexation Petition?

An elected official cannot speak for or against a candidate for election or an issue on the ballot.

I can and will offer facts.  The reader has to make the decision.

There are times when it is very difficult to remain silent because I am a citizen that lives in Mill Creek.  It could and would be argued whether I was speaking as Mayor or as a Citizen. 

More news tomorrow.    

Skip Blancett, Mayor